Wire Bait / Redemption 3/4oz Double Willow
  • Weight: 3/4oz
  • Type: Spinner Bait
  • Front Blade: WillowLear#4
  • Back Blade: WillowLear#5
  • Line: lbs
The Redemption Series is cutting-edge crankbait technology in a premium spinnerbait, and with Skeet Reese’s ideas and Lucky Craft’s engineering prowess, the high-performance, unique Redemption Series was born.
The Redemption Spinnerbait has internal tungsten components, a sleek body design featuring Lucky Craft’s realistic colors, and bodies that mirror the most popular Lucky Craft crankbaits. Several versions will be available, including rattling and silent types, spinnerbaits with straight and bent wires for reaching various depths, and multiple sizes.
La série Redemption rassemble le savoir-faire d’un crankbait pour mettre au point un spinnerbait de grande qualité. Le résultat obtenu est le fruit du travail de Skeet Reese réalisé en étroite collaboration avec nos ingénieurs. Le spinnerbait Redemption est réalisé à partir de composants en tungstène. Ses coloris et sa finition ultra soignée rappellent la plupart des crankbaits que l’on retrouve au sein de la marque Lucky Craft. Vous aurez le choix entre plusieurs modèles. Certains sont silencieux alors que d’autres possèdent des rattles. Certains sont droits alors que d’autres sont recourbés de manière à pouvoir pêcher à différentes profondeurs. Au sein de la gamme, vous aurez aussi le choix entre différentes tailles.


"We finally came to the realization this was possible for us to do," Reese said. "I knew if I was going to put my name with a product like this, it had to be premium. And premium goes hand in hand with Lucky Craft products. They make premium baits, there are no two ways about it."
With Japanese art and precision incorporated into the spinnerbait design, the Redemption series is unlike anything on the market today. The heads mimic colors already popular in the Lucky Craft arsenal such as Ghost Minnow, Chartreuse Shad and Aurora Black.
In addition to the lifelike colors, some versions of the Redemption will have a characteristic unlike any other spinnerbait - rattles inside the head.
"The rattles are very unique to the market," Reese added. "The spinnerbait will rattle as it rolls over cover and as the blades spin. These rattles aren't attached to the outside, so it's not as bulky, and it gives off a more natural sound."
Reese believes the Redemption will fish well in shallow or deep water, and knows it will be a versatile bait.
"The uses for this bait are unlimited," Reese said. "For the spring, I think we'll be looking at the fish positioned in shallow water. The Redemption is really going to shine when the water gets clearer and the fish get finicky. These spinnerbaits are going to look so much more lifelike, and I think that will generate more strikes."
Color Image
Color Name
Aurora Black
Baby BG
09 Classic Shad
Crack Blue
Ghost Chartreuse Shad
Ghost Minnow
Sexy Chartreuse Shad
Table Rock Shad
Laser Clear Ghost
MS American Shad