Top Water / Sammy 105 ~Single Knocker~
  • Length: 4-1/8" (105mm)
  • Weight: 3/8oz (11.2g)
  • Depth: Surface
  • Type: FLOATING
  • Hook Size: VMC #4, #6, #5
Lucky Craft has taken the Sammy, one of its most popular topwater baits, and re-designed it to create the Lucky Craft Sammy 105. The new bait won’t replace any of the baits in the Sammy series, but with its new features, it will add another element to fishing a topwater lure. With the addition of a single knocker, fish will be enticed and called to the surface in a new way. Not only will the “walk-the-dog” action catch their attention, but the noise, much like a baitfish ‘clicking’ across the surface, will also bring fish to the top.
Considéré comme la référence en matière de leurre de surface, le Sammy est un stickbait qui se démarque de ses concurrents par ses qualités de nage. Contrairement aux autres stickbaits du marché, le Sammy est très facile à animer et vous pourrez lui faire exécuter sans difficulté la fameuse nage en « walking the dog ». Le Sammy excelle dans les conditions de pêche difficiles (surface de l’eau calme, peu de vent ou mer « d’huile »). Sa finition hyper réaliste fait que, même immobile, il prend du poisson. L’équilibrage du Sammy permet également des lancers longs et précis pour atteindre les postes les plus éloignés avec le maximum de discrétion. Capable d’une grande polyvalence au niveau de l’action, vous ferez du Sammy une arme d’une efficacité redoutable sur tous les carnassiers d’eau douce et de mer.
FLW Tour Champion and California native, Brent Ehrler, was a fan of another Lucky Craft topwater, the Gunfish, for years … until he recently discovered the new Sammy sensation. According to Ehrler, there are three main differences between the new, redesigned Sammy 105 and the other topwater baits in the family – the sounds, the hooks and the action. “The Lucky Craft Sammy 105 has a single knock sound to it, unlike the other Sammys,” Ehrler said. “It also has a third treble hook, and all of the other Sammys, except for the 128, have two. This allows for a better hook-up ratio. And the third key difference is the action. The Sammy 105 sits more horizontal in the water than the other Sammys, which allows an angler to work the bait slower.” Because the Sammy 105 sits almost flat on the water’s surface, slow twitches from side to side are effective. The other baits in the Sammy series have to be worked much faster because they sit tail down in the water. The Sammy 105 is most effective during post spawn and through the fall. When fishing the new topwater lure during the spring and summer months, targeting fish that are a little more aggressive is key. During this time of year, the fish are starting to move up and bulk up, because they haven’t eaten much during the spawn.
Color Image
Color Name
Aurora Black
Impact Yellow
Ghost Minnow
MS Black
Chartreuse Shad
MS American Shad