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Jerk Bait / Live Pointer 110BB ~Bone Body~
  • Length: 4-1/2" (110mm)
  • Weight: 5/8oz (18.0g)
  • Class: Suspending
  • Belly: #2
  • Hook Tail: #4
  • Max Diving Depth: 2-3ft
  • Line: 10-14 lbs
The Live Pointer Series is a line of hard baits that produce smooth, realistic actions and wave motions. Try one, and you'll feel as if the bait is actually alive! The Live Pointer 95SP, which captivated the global angler community upon its launch in 2003, has been further refined into the next-generation model 110BB. In the conventional mode, the torso consists of plastic parts. With the 110BB, however, it's covered with Lucky Gel to generate a smoother, stronger flow of water. The new bait is more resistant to tensile force and rubbing force compared with regular worm materials, and it employs a material that floats on water so as not to affect the posture and movement of the lure. Spare parts are available for the soft body, so you can quickly replace a damaged body without leaving your favorite angling spot. Try the all-new Live Pointer Series. Their revamped appeal and powerful fish-attracting power will be sure to enhance your fishing experience. The Live Pointer 110BB suspends at 45-46 degree.
Color Image
Color Name
Aurora Black
Ghost Minnow
Chartreuse Shad
Table Rock Shad