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Flash Pointer 115

CIF New Items & Colors

ItemItemDescriptionSpecUPC CODE
2013 New BASS Item     
Flash Pointer 115
FPT115-052ABKFlash Pointer 115 Aurora Black4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391850522
FPT115-059GPBFlash Pointer 115 Ghost Pro-Blue4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391850591
FPT115-074CROMFlash Pointer 115 Chrome4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391850744
FPT115-077OTSDFlash Pointer 115 Original Tennessee Shad4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391850775
FPT115-125GPAYFlash Pointer 115 Ghost Pearl Ayu4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391851253
FPT115-148GBBGFlash Pointer 115 Ghost Baby BG4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391851482
FPT115-149BBBGFlash Pointer 115 Baby BG4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391851499
FPT115-150MSCRKFlash Pointer 115 MS Crack4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391851505
FPT115-151MSGMSDFlash Pointer 115 MS Gunmetal Shad4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391851512
FPT115-154CKBKFlash Pointer 115 Crack Black4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391851543
FPT115-155CKBLFlash Pointer 115 Crack Blue4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391851550
FPT115-156TRKFlash Pointer 115 T-Rock4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391851567
FPT115-159GNSXFlash Pointer 115 Green Sexy4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391851598
FPT115-172SXCRSDFlash Pointer 115 Sexy Chartreuse Shad4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391851727
FPT115-183PTHFSDFlash Pointer 115 Pearl Threadfin Shad4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391851833
FPT115-185LHTFlash Pointer 115 Light Hitch4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391851857
FPT115-186GPTFSDFlash Pointer 115 Ghost Threadfin Shad4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391851864
FPT115-238GMNFlash Pointer 115 Ghost Minnow4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391852380
FPT115-241SSDFlash Pointer 115 Sassy Shad4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391852410
FPT115-250CRSDFlash Pointer 115 Chartreuse Shad4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391852502
FPT115-251NSKFlash Pointer 115 Nishiki4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391852519
FPT115-254MSMJHRGFlash Pointer 115 MS MJ Herring4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391852540
FPT115-261TRSFlash Pointer 115 Table Rock Shad4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391852618
FPT115-268PAYFlash Pointer 115 Pearl Ayu4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391852687
FPT115-270MSASFlash Pointer 115 MS American Shad4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391852700
FPT115-280AGPCFlash Pointer 115 Aurora Green Perch4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391852809
FPT115-284MYSDFlash Pointer 115 Misty Shad4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391852847
FPT115-285NCSHFlash Pointer 115 NC Shell White4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391852854
Gunfish 135
GF135-052ABKGunfish 135 Aurora Black5-1/3” (135mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391860521
GF135-074CROMGunfish 135 Chrome5-1/3” (135mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391860743
GF135-155CKBLGunfish 135 Crack Blue5-1/3” (135mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391861559
GF135-172SXCRSDGunfish 135 Sexy Chartreuse Shad5-1/3” (135mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391861726
GF135-183PTHFSDGunfish 135 Pearl Threadfin Shad5-1/3” (135mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391861832
GF135-238GMNGunfish 135 Ghost Minnow5-1/3” (135mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391862389
GF135-241SSDGunfish 135 Striped Shad5-1/3” (135mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391862419
GF135-250CRSDGunfish 135 Chartreuse Shad5-1/3” (135mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391862501
GF135-268PAYGunfish 135 Pearl Ayu5-1/3” (135mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391862686
GF135-270MSASGunfish 135 MS American Shad5-1/3” (135mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391862709
GF135-280AGPCGunfish 135 Aurora Green Perch5-1/3” (135mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391862808
Blade Cross 110
BLCS110-052ABKBlade Cross 110 Aurora Black4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391870520
BLCS110-059GPBBlade Cross 110 Ghost Pro-Blue4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391870599
BLCS110-074CROMBlade Cross 110 Chrome4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391870742
BLCS110-077OTSDBlade Cross 110 Original Tennessee Shad4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391870773
BLCS110-172SXCRSDBlade Cross 110 Sexy Chartreuse Shad4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391871725
BLCS110-238GMNBlade Cross 110 Ghost Minnow4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391872388
BLCS110-250CRSDBlade Cross 110 Chartreuse Shad4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391872500
BLCS110-251NSKBlade Cross 110 Nishiki4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391872517
BLCS110-254MSMJHRGBlade Cross 110 MS MJ Herring4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391872548
BLCS110-261TRSBlade Cross 110 Table Rock Shad4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391872616
BLCS110-268PAYBlade Cross 110 Pearl Ayu4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391872685
BLCS110-270MSASBlade Cross 110 MS American Shad4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391872708
BLCS110-280AGPCBlade Cross 110 Aurora Green Perch4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391872807
BLCS110-284MYSDBlade Cross 110 Misty Shad4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391872845
BLCS110-285NCSHBlade Cross 110 NC Shell White4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391872852
BLCS110-804SPSDBlade Cross 110 Spotted Shad4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391878045
Blade Cross 90
BLCS90-052ABKBlade Cross 90 Aurora Black3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391880529
BLCS90-059GPBBlade Cross 90 Ghost Pro-Blue3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391880598
BLCS90-074CROMBlade Cross 90 Chrome3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391880741
BLCS90-077OTSDBlade Cross 90 Original Tennessee Shad3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391880772
BLCS90-172SXCRSDBlade Cross 90 Sexy Chartreuse Shad3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391881724
BLCS90-238GMNBlade Cross 90 Ghost Minnow3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391882387
BLCS90-250CRSDBlade Cross 90 Chartreuse Shad3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391882509
BLCS90-251NSKBlade Cross 90 Nishiki3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391882516
BLCS90-254MSMJHRGBlade Cross 90 MS MJ Herring3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391882547
BLCS90-261TRSBlade Cross 90 Table Rock Shad3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391882615
BLCS90-268PAYBlade Cross 90 Pearl Ayu3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391882684
BLCS90-270MSASBlade Cross 90 MS American Shad3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391882707
BLCS90-280AGPCBlade Cross 90 Aurora Green Perch3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391882806
BLCS90-284MYSDBlade Cross 90 Misty Shad3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391882844
BLCS90-285NCSHBlade Cross 90 NC Shell White3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391882851
BLCS90-804SPSDBlade Cross 90 Spotted Shad3-3/5” (90mm) 3/8oz (11.0g)885391888044
 Twisted Rosie
TWRS80-359AMSHTwisted Rosie Armed Shiner3" (80mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897182551
TWRS80-360BTSDTwisted Rosie Bullet Shad3" (80mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391893598
TWRS80-361GDNGTwisted Rosie Gold Nugget3" (80mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391893604
TWRS80-362PHSDTwisted Rosie Phantom Shad3" (80mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391893611
TWRS80-363BLCRTwisted Rosie Bloody Crown3" (80mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391893628
TWRS80-364DZHLTwisted Rosie Dazzle of Hell3" (80mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391893635
TWRS80-365ODCGTwisted Rosie Ode to CG3" (80mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391893642
Screw Pointer 95
PTSC95-052ABKScrew Pointer 95 Aurora Black3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391470522
PTSC95-074CROMScrew Pointer 95 Chrome3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391470744
PTSC95-148GBBGScrew Pointer 95 Ghost Baby BG3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391471482
PTSC95-155CKBLScrew Pointer 95 Crack Blue3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391471550
PTSC95-172SXCRSDScrew Pointer 95 Sexy Chartreuse Shad3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391471727
PTSC95-183PTHFSDScrew Pointer 95 Pearl Threadfin Shad3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391471833
PTSC95-238GMNScrew Pointer 95 Ghost Minnow3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391472380
PTSC95-240SFScrew Pointer 95 Sun Fish3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391472403
PTSC95-250CRSDScrew Pointer 95 Chartreuse Shad3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391472502
PTSC95-254MSMJHRGScrew Pointer 95 MS MJ Herring3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391472540
PTSC95-268PAYScrew Pointer 95 Pearl Ayu3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391472687
PTSC95-270MSASScrew Pointer 95 MS American Shad3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391472700
PTSC95-280AGPCScrew Pointer 95 Aurora Green Perch3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391472809
PTSC95-895GBGLScrew Pointer 95 Ghost Blue Gill3-3/4” (95mm) 1/2oz (15.5g)885391478955
LV-RTO50-066CHRBLV RTO-50 Chrome Blue2-1/8” (55mm) 3/8oz (10.6g)885391400666
LV-RTO50-135TOSDLV RTO-50 TO Shad2-1/8” (55mm) 3/8oz (10.6g)885391401359
LV-RTO50-136TOGLLV RTO-50 TO Gill2-1/8” (55mm) 3/8oz (10.6g)885391401366
LV-RTO50-137TOCRLV RTO-50 TO Craw2-1/8” (55mm) 3/8oz (10.6g)885391401373
LV-RTO50-172SXCRSDLV RTO-50 Sexy Chartreuse Shad2-1/8” (55mm) 3/8oz (10.6g)885391401724
LV-RTO50-238GMNLV RTO-50 Ghost Minnow2-1/8” (55mm) 3/8oz (10.6g)885391402387
LV-RTO50-250CRSDLV RTO-50 Chartreuse Shad2-1/8” (55mm) 3/8oz (10.6g)885391402509
LV-RTO50-256AGOLV RTO-50 Aurora Gold2-1/8” (55mm) 3/8oz (10.6g)885391402561
LV-RTO50-270MSASLV RTO-50 MS American Shad2-1/8” (55mm) 3/8oz (10.6g)885391402707
LV-RTO50-834BFSLVLV RTO-50 Bait Fish Silver2-1/8” (55mm) 3/8oz (10.6g)885391408341
LV RTO-200
LV-RTO200-066CHRBLV RTO-200 Chrome Blue2-3/4” (70mm) 3/4oz (21.0g)885391830661
LV-RTO200-135TOSDLV RTO-200 TO Shad2-3/4” (70mm) 3/4oz (21.0g)885391831354
LV-RTO200-136TOGLLV RTO-200 TO Gill2-3/4” (70mm) 3/4oz (21.0g)885391831361
LV-RTO200-137TOCRLV RTO-200 TO Craw2-3/4” (70mm) 3/4oz (21.0g)885391831378
LV-RTO200-172SXCRSDLV RTO-200 Sexy Chartreuse Shad2-3/4” (70mm) 3/4oz (21.0g)885391831729
LV-RTO200-238GMNLV RTO-200 Ghost Minnow2-3/4” (70mm) 3/4oz (21.0g)885391832382
LV-RTO200-250CRSDLV RTO-200 Chartreuse Shad2-3/4” (70mm) 3/4oz (21.0g)885391832504
LV-RTO200-256AGOLV RTO-200 Aurora Gold2-3/4” (70mm) 3/4oz (21.0g)885391832566
LV-RTO200-270MSASLV RTO-200 MS American Shad2-3/4” (70mm) 3/4oz (21.0g)885391832702
LV-RTO200-834BFSLVLV RTO-200 Bait Fish Silver2-3/4” (70mm) 3/4oz (21.0g)885391838346
Bevy Rig 1/4oz
BVRG-1-4-052ABKBevy Rig 1/4oz Aurora Black4/5" (21mm) , 1/4oz (6.9g)885391900524
BVRG-1-4-172SXCRSDBevy Rig 1/4oz Sexy Chartreuse Shad4/5" (21mm) , 1/4oz (6.9g)885391901729
BVRG-1-4-238GMNBevy Rig 1/4oz Ghost Minnow4/5" (21mm) , 1/4oz (6.9g)885391902382
BVRG-1-4-250CRSDBevy Rig 1/4oz Chartreuse Shad4/5" (21mm) , 1/4oz (6.9g)885391902504
BVRG-1-4-270MSASBevy Rig 1/4oz MS American Shad4/5" (21mm) , 1/4oz (6.9g)885391902702
Bevy Rig 5/16oz
BVRG-5-16-052ABKBevy Rig 5/16oz Aurora Black4/5" (21mm) , 5/16oz (7.9g)885391910523
BVRG-5-16-172SXCRSDBevy Rig 5/16oz Sexy Chartreuse Shad4/5" (21mm) , 5/16oz (7.9g)885391911728
BVRG-5-16-238GMNBevy Rig 5/16oz Ghost Minnow4/5" (21mm) , 5/16oz (7.9g)885391912381
BVRG-5-16-250CRSDBevy Rig 5/16oz Chartreuse Shad4/5" (21mm) , 5/16oz (7.9g)885391912503
BVRG-5-16-270MSASBevy Rig 5/16oz MS American Shad4/5" (21mm) , 5/16oz (7.9g)885391912701
 Skeet ColorMS Ghost Chartreuse Shad
SM100-225MSGCRSDSammy 100 MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad4” (98.5mm) 1/2oz (13.6g)802897012254
GF95-225MSGCRSDGunfish 95 MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad4” (95mm) 3/8oz (12.0g)802897102252
PT78-225MSGCRSDPointer 78 MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad3” (78mm) 3/8oz (9.2g)802897082257
PT100-225MSGCRSDPointer 100 MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897112251
PT100DD-225MSGCRSDPointer 100DD MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad4” (100mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897832258
 PT78XD-225MSGCRSDPointer 78XD MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad3” (78mm) 1/3oz (9.5g)884403842258
SS90SPV2-225MSGCRSDStaysee 90SP V2 MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad3-1/2” (91mm) 7/16oz (12.5g)802897182254
SKTMINIMR-225MSGCRSDSKT Mini MR MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad2” (50mm) 1/4oz (7.8g)842406582250
SKTMINIDR-225MSGCRSDSKT Mini DR MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad2” (50mm) 3/8oz (9.8g)842406592259
SKTMR-225MSGCRSDSKT MR MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad2-1/2" (60mm) 7/16oz (12.5g) 884403892253
SKTDR-225MSGCRSDSKT DR MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad2-1/2" (60mm) 7/16oz (12.5g) 884403882254
SKTMRRT-225MSGCRSDSKT MR RT ~Rattle In~ MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad2-1/2" (60mm) 1/2oz (13.0g)885391352255
SKTDRRT-225MSGCRSDSKT DR RT ~Rattle In~ MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad2-1/2" (60mm) 1/2oz (14.5g) 885391362254
LV500-225MSGCRSDLV-500 MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad3” (75mm) 3/4oz (23.0g)802897452258
RDM1-4CW-225MSGCRSDRedemption Spinner Bait 1/4oz Colorado Willow MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad1/4oz884403112252
RDM3-8CW-225MSGCRSDRedemption Spinner Bait 3/8oz Colorado Willow MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad3/8oz884403122251
RDM3-8DW-225MSGCRSDRedemption Spinner Bait 3/8oz Double Willow MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad3/8oz884403072259
RDM1-2CW-225MSGCRSDRedemption Spinner Bait 1/2oz Colorado Willow MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad1/2oz884403132250
RDM1-2DW-225MSGCRSDRedemption Spinner Bait 1/2oz Double Willow MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad1/2oz884403082258
Skeet ColorOrange Sexy Ghost Minnow
SM100-226OSXGMNSammy 100 Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow4” (98.5mm) 1/2oz (13.6g)802897012261
GF95-226OSXGMNGunfish 95 Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow4” (95mm) 3/8oz (12.0g)802897102269
PT78-226OSXGMNPointer 78 Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow3” (78mm) 3/8oz (9.2g)802897082264
PT100-226OSXGMNPointer 100 Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897112268
PT100DD-226OSXGMNPointer 100DD Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow4” (100mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897832265
PT78XD-226OSXGMNPointer 78XD Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow3” (78mm) 1/3oz (9.5g)884403842265
SS90SPV2-226OSXGMNStaysee 90SP V2 Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow3-1/2” (91mm) 7/16oz (12.5g)802897182261
SKTMINIMR-226OSXGMNSKT Mini MR Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow2” (50mm) 1/4oz (7.8g)842406582267
SKTMINIDR-226OSXGMNSKT Mini DR Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow2” (50mm) 3/8oz (9.8g)842406592266
SKTMR-226OSXGMNSKT MR Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow2-1/2" (60mm) 7/16oz (12.5g) 884403892260
SKTDR-226OSXGMNSKT DR Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow2-1/2" (60mm) 7/16oz (12.5g) 884403882261
SKTMRRT-226OSXGMNSKT MR RT ~Rattle In~ Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow2-1/2" (60mm) 1/2oz (13.0g)885391352262
SKTDRRT-226OSXGMNSKT DR RT ~Rattle In~ Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow2-1/2" (60mm) 1/2oz (14.5g) 885391362261
LV500-226OSXGMNLV-500 Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow3” (75mm) 3/4oz (23.0g)802897452265
RDM1-4CW-226OSXGMNRedemption Spinner Bait 1/4oz Colorado Willow Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow1/4oz884403112269
RDM3-8CW-226OSXGMNRedemption Spinner Bait 3/8oz Colorado Willow Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow3/8oz884403122268
RDM3-8DW-226OSXGMNRedemption Spinner Bait 3/8oz Double Willow Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow3/8oz884403072266
RDM1-2CW-226OSXGMNRedemption Spinner Bait 1/2oz Colorado Willow Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow1/2oz884403132267
RDM1-2DW-226OSXGMNRedemption Spinner Bait 1/2oz Double Willow Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow1/2oz884403082265
TO ColorTO Brown Craw
LV-RTO50-191TOBCRLV RTO-50 TO Brown Craw2-1/8” (55mm) 3/8oz (10.6g)885391401915
LV-RTO150-191TOBCRLV RTO-150 TO Brown Craw2-1/2” (65mm) 1/2oz (14.0g)885391391919
LV-RTO200-191TOBCRLV RTO-200 TO Brown Craw2-3/4” (70mm) 3/4oz (21.0g)885391831910
LV-RTO250-191TOBCRLV RTO-250 TO Brown Craw3” (75mm) 3/4oz (23.0g)885391371911
TO ColorTO Ghost Craw
LV-RTO50-227TOGCRLV RTO-50 TO Ghost Craw2-1/8” (55mm) 3/8oz (10.6g)885391402271
LV-RTO150-227TOGCRLV RTO-150 TO Ghost Craw2-1/2” (65mm) 1/2oz (14.0g)885391392275
LV-RTO200-227TOGCRLV RTO-200 TO Ghost Craw2-3/4” (70mm) 3/4oz (21.0g)885391832276
LV-RTO250-227TOGCRLV RTO-250 TO Ghost Craw3” (75mm) 3/4oz (23.0g)885391372277
 KJ ColorNatural Gill
KJJR-205NGLKelly J Jr. Natural Gill2-1/4'' (60mm) 5/16oz (8.5g)885391172051
KJ-205NGLKelly J ~Kelly Jordon Signature Prop~ Natural Gill2-3/4” (70mm) 1/2oz (13.2g)884403022056
KJ ColorNatural Herring - Natural Wakasagi
KJJR-206NWKKelly J Jr. Natural Herring - Natural Wakasagi2-1/4'' (60mm) 5/16oz (8.5g)885391172068
KJ-206NWKKelly J ~Kelly Jordon Signature Prop~ Natural Herring - Natural Wakasagi2-3/4” (70mm) 1/2oz (13.2g)884403022063
KJ ColorStriped Gill
KJJR-208STGLKelly J Jr. Striped Gill2-1/4'' (60mm) 5/16oz (8.5g)885391172082
KJ-208STGLKelly J ~Kelly Jordon Signature Prop~ Striped Gill2-3/4” (70mm) 1/2oz (13.2g)884403022087
KJ ColorMS Pearl Herring - MS Pearl Wakasagi
SM100-233MSPWKSammy 100 MS Pearl Herring - MS Pearl Wakasagi4” (98.5mm) 1/2oz (13.6g)802897012339
GF95-233MSPWKGunfish 95 MS Pearl Herring - MS Pearl Wakasagi4” (95mm) 3/8oz (12.0g)802897102337
KJJR-233MSPWKKelly J Jr. MS Pearl Herring - MS Pearl Wakasagi2-1/4'' (60mm) 5/16oz (8.5g)885391172334
KJ-233MSPWKKelly J ~Kelly Jordon Signature Prop~ MS Pearl Herring - MS Pearl Wakasagi2-3/4” (70mm) 1/2oz (13.2g)884403022339
PT78-233MSPWKPointer 78 MS Pearl Herring - MS Pearl Wakasagi3” (78mm) 3/8oz (9.2g)802897082332
PT100-233MSPWKPointer 100 MS Pearl Herring - MS Pearl Wakasagi4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897112336
 PT100DD-233MSPWKPointer 100DD MS Pearl Herring - MS Pearl Wakasagi4” (100mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897832333
PT78XD-233MSPWKPointer 78XD MS Pearl Herring - MS Pearl Wakasagi3” (78mm) 1/3oz (9.5g)884403842333
SS90SPV2-233MSPWKStaysee 90SP V2 MS Pearl Herring - MS Pearl Wakasagi3-1/2” (91mm) 7/16oz (12.5g)802897182339
LV500-233MSPWKLV-500 MS Pearl Wakasagi3” (75mm) 3/4oz (23.0g)802897452333
KJ ColorMS Ghost Herring - MS Ghost Wakasagi
SM100-255MSGWKStaysee 90SP V2 MS Ghost Herring - MS Ghost Wakasagi3-1/2” (91mm) 7/16oz (12.5g)802897012551
GF95-255MSGWKSammy 100 MS Ghost Herring - MS Ghost Wakasagi4” (98.5mm) 1/2oz (13.6g)802897102559
KJJR-255MSGWKKelly J Jr. MS Ghost Herring - MS Ghost Wakasagi2-1/4'' (60mm) 5/16oz (8.5g)885391172556
KJ-255MSGWKKelly J ~Kelly Jordon Signature Prop~ MS Ghost Herring - MS Ghost Wakasagi2-3/4” (70mm) 1/2oz (13.2g)884403022551
LV500-255MSGWKGunfish 95 MS Ghost Herring - MS Ghost Wakasagi4” (95mm) 3/8oz (12.0g)802897452555
PT100-255MSGWKPointer 78 MS Ghost Herring - MS Ghost Wakasagi3” (78mm) 3/8oz (9.2g)802897112558
 PT100DD-255MSGWKPointer 100 MS Ghost Herring - MS Ghost Wakasagi4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897832555
PT78-255MSGWKPointer 100DD MS Ghost Herring - MS Ghost Wakasagi4” (100mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897082554
PT78XD-255MSGWKPointer 78XD MS Ghost Herring - MS Ghost Wakasagi3” (78mm) 1/3oz (9.5g)884403842555
SS90SPV2-255MSGWKLV-500 MS Ghost Herring - MS Ghost Wakasagi3” (75mm) 3/4oz (23.0g)802897182551
 G-MAN ColorBlack Moss
LC-1-5RT-215BKMSLC 1.5RT Black Moss2” (60mm) 1/2oz (12.0g)885391572158
 LC-1-5DRS-215BKMSLC 1.5DRS Black Moss2” (60mm) 1/2oz (12.0g)885391562159
 LC-2-5RT-215BKMSLC 2.5RT Black Moss2-3/4” (70mm) 5/8oz (16.4g)885391602152
 LC-2-5DRS-215BKMSLC 2.5DRS Black Moss2-3/4” (70mm) 5/8oz (16.4g)885391592156
  G-MAN Color Flare
LC-1-5RT-216FLRLC 1.5RT Flare2” (60mm) 1/2oz (12.0g)885391572165
 LC-1-5DRS-216FLRLC 1.5DRS Flare2” (60mm) 1/2oz (12.0g)885391562166
 LC-2-5RT-216FLRLC 2.5RT Flare2-3/4” (70mm) 5/8oz (16.4g)885391602169
 LC-2-5DRS-216FLRLC 2.5DRS Flare2-3/4” (70mm) 5/8oz (16.4g)885391592163
  G-MAN Color Moss Back Shad
LC-1-5RT-217MBSDLC 1.5RT Moss Back Shad2” (60mm) 1/2oz (12.0g)885391572172
 LC-1-5DRS-217MBSDLC 1.5DRS Moss Back Shad2” (60mm) 1/2oz (12.0g)885391562173
 LC-2-5RT-217MBSDLC 2.5RT Moss Back Shad2-3/4” (70mm) 5/8oz (16.4g)885391602176
 LC-2-5DRS-217MBSDLC 2.5DRS Moss Back Shad2-3/4” (70mm) 5/8oz (16.4g)885391592170
  G-MAN Color Disco
LC-1-5RT-218DSCLC 1.5RT Disco2” (60mm) 1/2oz (12.0g)885391572189
 LC-1-5DRS-218DSCLC 1.5DRS Disco2” (60mm) 1/2oz (12.0g)885391562180
 LC-2-5RT-218DSCLC 2.5RT Disco2-3/4” (70mm) 5/8oz (16.4g)885391602183
 LC-2-5DRS-218DSCLC 2.5DRS Disco2-3/4” (70mm) 5/8oz (16.4g)885391592187
  G-MAN Color Shad Sift
LC-1-5RT-223SDSFLC 1.5RT Shad Sift2” (60mm) 1/2oz (12.0g)885391572233
 LC-1-5DRS-223SDSFLC 1.5DRS Shad Sift2” (60mm) 1/2oz (12.0g)885391562234
 LC-2-5RT-223SDSFLC 2.5RT Shad Sift2-3/4” (70mm) 5/8oz (16.4g)885391602237
 LC-2-5DRS-223SDSFLC 2.5DRS Shad Sift2-3/4” (70mm) 5/8oz (16.4g)885391592231
  G-MAN Color Moss Back Chart
LC-1-5RT-224MBCHLC 1.5RT Moss Back Chart2” (60mm) 1/2oz (12.0g)885391572240
 LC-1-5DRS-224MBCHLC 1.5DRS Moss Back Chart2” (60mm) 1/2oz (12.0g)885391562241
 LC-2-5RT-224MBCHLC 2.5RT Moss Back Chart2-3/4” (70mm) 5/8oz (16.4g)885391602244
 LC-2-5DRS-224MBCHLC 2.5DRS Moss Back Chart2-3/4” (70mm) 5/8oz (16.4g)885391592248
 Brent ColorStriped Shad
GF95-241SSDGunfish 95 Striped Shad4” (95mm) 3/8oz (12.0g)802897102412
FPT115-241SSDFlash Pointer 115 Striped Shad4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391852410
PT78-241SSDPointer 78 Striped Shad3” (78mm) 3/8oz (9.2g)802897082417
PT100-241SSDPointer 100 Striped Shad4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897112411
PT78DD-241SSDPointer 100DD Striped Shad4” (100mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897242415
PT78XD-241SSDPointer 78XD Striped Shad3” (78mm) 1/3oz (9.5g)884403842418
LV500-241SSDLV-500 Striped Shad3” (75mm) 3/4oz (23.0g)802897452418
CIF FlashMinnow 110
FM110-CIF-357ACVNCIF FlashMinnow 110 Anchovy Venus4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897053578
FM110-CIF-358SGQSCIF FlashMinnow 110 Sexy Geisha Queen Sardine 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897053585
FM110-CIF-633SXBLCIF FlashMinnow 110 Sexy Blue 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897056333
FM110-CIF-634SXSMCIF FlashMinnow 110 Sexy Smelt 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897056340
FM110-CIF-702ZSDNCIF FlashMinnow 110 Zebra Sardine 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057026
FM110-CIF-703AMKLCIF FlashMinnow 110 Aurora Mackerel 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057033
FM110-CIF-706LGHCCIF FlashMinnow 110 Laser Green Head Chart 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057064
FM110-CIF-708CDSDCIF FlashMinnow 110 Candy Sardine 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057088
FM110-CIF-714MSDCIF FlashMinnow 110 Metallic Sardine 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057149
FM110-CIF-720ZMSASCIF FlashMinnow 110 Zebra MS American Shad4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057200
FM110-CIF-721ZMSABCIF FlashMinnow 110 Zebra MS Aurora Black4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057217
FM110-CIF-726LGSRDCIF FlashMinnow 110 Laser Ghost Sardine 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057262
FM110-CIF-728SGSRDCIF FlashMinnow 110 Super Glow Sardine4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057286
FM110-CIF-756AGRSDCIF FlashMinnow 110 Aurora Green Shad 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057569
FM110-CIF-757SDKSCIF FlashMinnow 110 SD Killer Shrimp 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057576
FM110-CIF-759SPWHCIF FlashMinnow 110 Salty Pearl White 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057590
FM110-CIF-761ABCKCIF FlashMinnow 110 Aurora Baby Croaker 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057613
FM110-CIF-762ABSPCIF FlashMinnow 110 Aurora Barred Surf Perch 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057620
FM110-CIF-763ACBSCIF FlashMinnow 110 Aurora Calico Bass 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057637
FM110-CIF-764GCBSCIF FlashMinnow 110 Ghost Calico Bass 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057644
FM110-CIF-765MSACYCIF FlashMinnow 110 MS Anchovy 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057651
FM110-CIF-766GGSMCIF FlashMinnow 110 Ghost Green Smelt 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057668
FM110-CIF-767GWSBCIF FlashMinnow 110 Ghost White Sea Bass 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057675
FM110-CIF-791MHGSYCIF FlashMinnow 110 MH Ghost Sayori4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057910
FM110-CIF-793MSFKGGSCIF FlashMinnow 110 MS FK Green Glow Sardine 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057934
FM110-CIF-794MSPWSCIF FlashMinnow 110 MS Pearl White Sardine 4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897057941
FM110-CIF-828MAYCIF FlashMinnow 110 Metallic Ayu4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897058283
FM110-CIF-829MSGAYCIF FlashMinnow 110 MS Ghost Ayu4" (110mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)802897058290
Flash Pointer 115
FPT115-CIF-357ACVNFlash Pointer 115 Anchovy Venus4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391853578
FPT115-CIF-358SGQSFlash Pointer 115 Sexy Geisha Queen Sardine4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391853585
FPT115-CIF-633SXBLFlash Pointer 115 Sexy Blue4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391856333
FPT115-CIF-634SXSMFlash Pointer 115 Sexy Smelt4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391856340
FPT115-CIF-702ZSDNFlash Pointer 115 Zebra Sardine4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857026
FPT115-CIF-703AMKLFlash Pointer 115 Aurora Mackerel4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857033
FPT115-CIF-706LGHCFlash Pointer 115 Laser Green Head Chart4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857064
FPT115-CIF-708CDSDFlash Pointer 115 Candy Sardine4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857088
FPT115-CIF-714MSDFlash Pointer 115 Metallic Sardine4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857149
FPT115-CIF-720ZMSASFlash Pointer 115 Zebra MS American Shad4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857200
FPT115-CIF-721ZMSABFlash Pointer 115 Zebra MS Aurora Black4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857217
FPT115-CIF-726LGSRDFlash Pointer 115 Laser Ghost Sardine4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857262
FPT115-CIF-728SGSRDFlash Pointer 115 Super Glow Sardine4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857286
FPT115-CIF-756AGRSDFlash Pointer 115 Aurora Green Shad4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857569
FPT115-CIF-757SDKSFlash Pointer 115 SD Killer Shrimp4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857576
FPT115-CIF-759SPWHFlash Pointer 115 Salty Pearl White4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857590
FPT115-CIF-761ABCKFlash Pointer 115 Aurora Baby Croaker4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857613
FPT115-CIF-762ABSPFlash Pointer 115 Aurora Barred Surf Perch4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857620
FPT115-CIF-763ACBSFlash Pointer 115 Aurora Calico Bass4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857637
FPT115-CIF-764GCBSFlash Pointer 115 Ghost Calico Bass4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857644
FPT115-CIF-765MSACYFlash Pointer 115 MS Anchovy4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857651
FPT115-CIF-766GGSMFlash Pointer 115 Ghost Green Smelt4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857668
FPT115-CIF-767GWSBFlash Pointer 115 Ghost White Sea Bass4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857675
FPT115-CIF-791MHGSYFlash Pointer 115 MH Ghost Sayori4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857910
FPT115-CIF-793MSFKGGSFlash Pointer 115 MS FK Green Glow Sardine4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857934
FPT115-CIF-794MSPWSFlash Pointer 115 MS Pearl White Sardine4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391857941
FPT115-CIF-828MAYFlash Pointer 115 Metallic Ayu4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391858283
FPT115-CIF-829MSGAYFlash Pointer 115 MS Ghost Ayu4-1/2” (115mm) 2/3oz (16.5g)885391858290
Blade Cross 110
BLCS110-CIF-357ACVNBlade Cross 110 Anchovy Venus4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391873576
BLCS110-CIF-358SGQSBlade Cross 110 Sexy Geisha Queen Sardine4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391873583
BLCS110-CIF-633SXBLBlade Cross 110 Sexy Blue4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391876331
BLCS110-CIF-634SXSMBlade Cross 110 Sexy Smelt4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391876348
BLCS110-CIF-702ZSDNBlade Cross 110 Zebra Sardine4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877024
BLCS110-CIF-703AMKLBlade Cross 110 Aurora Mackerel4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877031
BLCS110-CIF-706LGHCBlade Cross 110 Laser Green Head Chart4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877062
BLCS110-CIF-708CDSDBlade Cross 110 Candy Sardine4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877086
BLCS110-CIF-714MSDBlade Cross 110 Metallic Sardine4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877147
BLCS110-CIF-720ZMSASBlade Cross 110 Zebra MS American Shad4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877208
BLCS110-CIF-721ZMSABBlade Cross 110 Zebra MS Aurora Black4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877215
BLCS110-CIF-726LGSRDBlade Cross 110 Laser Ghost Sardine4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877260
BLCS110-CIF-728SGSRDBlade Cross 110 Super Glow Sardine4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877284
BLCS110-CIF-756AGRSDBlade Cross 110 Aurora Green Shad4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877567
BLCS110-CIF-757SDKSBlade Cross 110 SD Killer Shrimp4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877574
BLCS110-CIF-759SPWHBlade Cross 110 Salty Pearl White4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877598
BLCS110-CIF-761ABCKBlade Cross 110 Aurora Baby Croaker4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877611
BLCS110-CIF-762ABSPBlade Cross 110 Aurora Barred Surf Perch4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877628
BLCS110-CIF-763ACBSBlade Cross 110 Aurora Calico Bass4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877635
BLCS110-CIF-764GCBSBlade Cross 110 Ghost Calico Bass4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877642
BLCS110-CIF-765MSACYBlade Cross 110 MS Anchovy4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877659
BLCS110-CIF-766GGSMBlade Cross 110 Ghost Green Smelt4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877666
BLCS110-CIF-767GWSBBlade Cross 110 Ghost White Sea Bass4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877673
BLCS110-CIF-791MHGSYBlade Cross 110 MH Ghost Sayori4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877918
BLCS110-CIF-793MSFKGGSBlade Cross 110 MS FK Green Glow Sardine4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877932
BLCS110-CIF-794MSPWSBlade Cross 110 MS Pearl White Sardine4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391877949
BLCS110-CIF-828MAYBlade Cross 110 Metallic Ayu4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391878281
BLCS110-CIF-829MSGAYBlade Cross 110 MS Ghost Ayu4-1/2” (110mm) 1/2oz (15.0g)885391878298
Pointer 100SSR
PT100SSR-CIF-351BMRHPointer 100SSR Bomber Red Head4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391933515
PT100SSR-CIF-352CCPPointer 100SSR Cherry Candy Pearl4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391933522
PT100SSR-CIF-353LMAYPointer 100SSR Lemonade Ayu4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391933539
PT100SSR-CIF-354HBPSPointer 100SSR Happy Berry Pinky Sardine4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391933546
PT100SSR-CIF-355GLPAPointer 100SSR Golden Pineapple4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391933553
PT100SSR-CIF-356KKCCPointer 100SSR Kin Kira Cherry Coke4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391933560
PT100SSR-CIF-357ACVNPointer 100SSR Anchovy Venus4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391933577
PT100SSR-CIF-358SGQSPointer 100SSR Sexy Geisha Queen Sardine4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391933584
 PT100SSR-CIF-633SXBLPointer 100SSR Sexy Blue4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391936332
 PT100SSR-CIF-634SXSMPointer 100SSR Sexy Smelt4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391936349
PT100SSR-CIF-702ZSDNPointer 100SSR Zebra Sardine4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391937025
  PT100SSR-CIF-714MSD Pointer 100SR Metallic Sardine 4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g) 885391937148
PT100SSR-CIF-726LGSRDPointer 100SSR Laser Ghost Sardine4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391937261
 PT100SSR-CIF-734ASGKSPointer 100SSR Aurora Sillaginoid - Kisu4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391937346
PT100SSR-CIF-756AGRSDPointer 100SSR Aurora Green Shad4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391937568
PT100SSR-CIF-804SPSDPointer 100SSR Spotted Shad - Konoshiro4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391938046
Pointer 100SR
PT100SR-CIF-351BMRHPointer 100SR Bomber Red Head4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391923516
PT100SR-CIF-352CCPPointer 100SR Cherry Candy Pearl4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391923523
PT100SR-CIF-353LMAYPointer 100SR Lemonade Ayu4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391923530
PT100SR-CIF-354HBPSPointer 100SR Happy Berry Pinky Sardine4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391923547
PT100SR-CIF-355GLPAPointer 100SR Golden Pineapple4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391923554
PT100SR-CIF-356KKCCPointer 100SR Kin Kira Cherry Coke4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391923561
PT100SR-CIF-357ACVNPointer 100SR Anchovy Venus4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391923578
PT100SR-CIF-358SGQSPointer 100SR Sexy Geisha Queen Sardine4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391923585
PT100SR-CIF-633SXBLPointer 100SR Sexy Blue4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391926333
PT100SR-CIF-634SXSMPointer 100SR Sexy Smelt4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391926340
PT100SR-CIF-702ZSDNPointer 100SR Zebra Sardine4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391927026
PT100SR-CIF-714MSDPointer 100SR Metallic Sardine4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391927149
PT100SR-CIF-726LGSRDPointer 100SR Laser Ghost Sardine4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391927262
 PT100SR-CIF-734ASGKSPointer 100SR Aurora Sillaginoid - Kisu4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391927347
PT100SR-CIF-756AGRSDPointer 100SR Aurora Green Shad4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391927569
PT100SR-CIF-804SPSDPointer 100SR Spotted Shad - Konoshiro4” (100.5mm) 5/8oz (16.5g)885391928047
Pointer 128SSR
PT128SSR-CIF-351BMRHPointer 128SSR Bomber Red Head5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391953513
PT128SSR-CIF-352CCPPointer 128SSR Cherry Candy Pearl5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391953520
PT128SSR-CIF-353LMAYPointer 128SSR Lemonade Ayu5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391953537
PT128SSR-CIF-354HBPSPointer 128SSR Happy Berry Pinky Sardine5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391953544
PT128SSR-CIF-355GLPAPointer 128SSR Golden Pineapple5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391953551
PT128SSR-CIF-356KKCCPointer 128SSR Kin Kira Cherry Coke5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391953568
PT128SSR-CIF-357ACVNPointer 128SSR Anchovy Venus5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391953575
PT128SSR-CIF-358SGQSPointer 128SSR Sexy Geisha Queen Sardine5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391953582
 PT128SSR-CIF-633SXBLPointer 128SSR Sexy Blue5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391956330
 PT128SSR-CIF-634SXSMPointer 128SSR Sexy Smelt5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391956347
PT128SSR-CIF-702ZSDNPointer 128SSR Zebra Sardine5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391957023
 PT128SSR-CIF-714MSDPointer 128SSR Metallic Sardine5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391957146
PT128SSR-CIF-726LGSRDPointer 128SSR Laser Ghost Sardine5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391957269
PT128SSR-CIF-734ASGKSPointer 128SSR Aurora Sillaginoid - Kisu5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391957344
PT128SSR-CIF-756AGRSDPointer 128SSR Aurora Green Shad5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391957566
PT128SSR-CIF-804SPSDPointer 128SSR Spotted Shad - Konoshiro5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391958044
Pointer 128SR
PT128SR-CIF-351BMRHPointer 128SR Bomber Red Head5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391943514
PT128SR-CIF-352CCPPointer 128SR Cherry Candy Pearl5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391943521
PT128SR-CIF-353LMAYPointer 128SR Lemonade Ayu5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391943538
PT128SR-CIF-354HBPSPointer 128SR Happy Berry Pinky Sardine5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391943545
PT128SR-CIF-355GLPAPointer 128SR Golden Pineapple5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391943552
PT128SR-CIF-356KKCCPointer 128SR Kin Kira Cherry Coke5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391943569
PT128SR-CIF-357ACVNPointer 128SR Anchovy Venus5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391943576
PT128SR-CIF-358SGQSPointer 128SR Sexy Geisha Queen Sardine5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391943583
 PT128SR-CIF-633SXBLPointer 128SR Sexy Blue5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391946331
 PT128SR-CIF-634SXSMPointer 128SR Sexy Smelt5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391946348
PT128SR-CIF-702ZSDNPointer 128SR Zebra Sardine5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391947024
PT128SR-CIF-714MSDPointer 128SR Metallic Sardine5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391947147
PT128SR-CIF-726LGSRDPointer 128SR Laser Ghost Sardine5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391947260
PT128SR-CIF-734ASGKSPointer 128SR Aurora Sillaginoid - Kisu5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391947345
PT128SR-CIF-756AGRSDPointer 128SR Aurora Green Shad5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391947567
PT128SR-CIF-804SPSDPointer 128SR Spotted Shad - Konoshiro5” (128mm) 1oz (30.0g)885391948045
PIKE and MUSKY SeriesPointer 100
PT100-096PNMPointer 100 Purple Nightmare4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897110967
PT100-097ONSDPointer 100 Orange Night Shad4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897110974
PT100-126BCTGPointer 100 Blue Chart Tiger4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897111261
PT100-207APNMPointer 100 Aurora Purple Nightmare4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897112077
PT100-859NWEYEPointer 100 Northern Walleye4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118598
PT100-861OGTGPointer 100 Orange Tiger4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118611
PT100-862OGSKPointer 100 Orange Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118628
PT100-868OGFPointer 100 Orange Fire4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118680
PT100-869GOSKNPointer 100 Gold Skin4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118697
PT100-870SPOGPointer 100 Spotted Orange4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118703
PT100-882GOSKPointer 100 Golden Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118826
PT100-883OSKPointer 100 Original Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118833
PT100-886MSNSKPointer 100 MS Night Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118864
PT100-887MSNLSKPointer 100 MS Natural Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118871
PT100-888GRPCPointer 100 Green Perch4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118888
PT100-889GOSPCPointer 100 Gold Skin Perch4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118895
PT100-890GOWEYEPointer 100 Golden Walleye4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118901
PT100-891NSKPointer 100 Northern Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)802897118918
Pointer 128
PT128-096PNMPointer 128 Purple Nightmare5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897130965
PT128-097ONSDPointer 128 Orange Night Shad5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897130972
PT128-126BCTGPointer 128 Blue Chart Tiger5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897131269
PT128-207APNMPointer 128 Aurora Purple Nightmare5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897132075
PT128-859NWEYEPointer 128 Northern Walleye5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138596
PT128-861OGTGPointer 128 Orange Tiger5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138619
PT128-862OGSKPointer 128 Orange Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138626
PT128-868OGFPointer 128 Orange Fire5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138688
PT128-869GOSKNPointer 128 Gold Skin5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138695
PT128-870SPOGPointer 128 Spotted Orange5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138701
PT128-882GOSKPointer 128 Golden Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138824
PT128-883OSKPointer 128 Original Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138831
PT128-886MSNSKPointer 128 MS Night Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138862
PT128-887MSNLSKPointer 128 MS Natural Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138879
PT128-888GRPCPointer 128 Green Perch5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138886
PT128-889GOSPCPointer 128 Gold Skin Perch5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138893
PT128-890GOWEYEPointer 128 Golden Walleye5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138909
PT128-891NSKPointer 128 Northern Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)802897138916
Pointer 100SSR
 PT100SSR-096PNMPointer 100SSR Purple Nightmare4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391930965
PT100SSR-097ONSDPointer 100SSR Orange Night Shad4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391930972
PT100SSR-126BCTGPointer 100SSR Blue Chart Tiger4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391931269
PT100SSR-150MSCRKPointer 100SSR MS Crack4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391931504
PT100SSR-151MSGMSDPointer 100SSR MS Gunmetal Shad4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391931511
PT100SSR-155CKBLPointer 100SSR Crack Blue4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391931559
PT100SSR-172SXCRSDPointer 100SSR Sexy Chartreuse Shad4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391931726
 PT100SSR-207APNMPointer 100SSR Aurora Purple Nightmare4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391932075
PT100SSR-238GMNPointer 100SSR Ghost Minnow4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391932389
PT100SSR-245NCTGPointer 100SSR Mat Tiger4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391932457
PT100SSR-247MSBKPointer 100SSR MS Black4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391932471
PT100SSR-254MSMJHRGPointer 100SSR MS MJ Herring4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391932549
PT100SSR-256AGOPointer 100SSR Aurora Gold4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391932563
PT100SSR-276LRBTPointer 100SSR Laser Rainbow Trout4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391932761
PT100SSR-342PRSDPointer 100SSR Parrot Shad4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391933423
PT100SSR-343CYPCPointer 100SSR Cream Yellow Perch4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391933430
PT100SSR-344FBHRPointer 100SSR Flash Blue Herring4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391933447
PT100SSR-800WEYEPointer 100SSR Walleye4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938008
PT100SSR-806TGPCPointer 100SSR Tiger Perch4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938060
PT100SSR-808SHNRPointer 100SSR Shiner4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938084
PT100SSR-817GRBTPointer 100SSR Ghost Rainbow Trout4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938176
 PT100SSR-859NWEYEPointer 100SSR Northern Walleye4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938596
PT100SSR-861OGTGPointer 100SSR Orange Tiger4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938619
PT100SSR-862OGSKPointer 100SSR Orange Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938626
 PT100SSR-868OGFPointer 100SSR Orange Fire4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938688
 PT100SSR-869GOSKNPointer 100SSR Gold Skin4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938695
PT100SSR-870SPOGPointer 100SSR Spotted Orange4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938701
PT100SSR-881GNPKPointer 100SSR Ghost Northern Pike4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938817
PT100SSR-882GOSKPointer 100SSR Golden Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938824
PT100SSR-883OSKPointer 100SSR Original Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938831
PT100SSR-884AGNPCPointer 100SSR Aurora Gold Northern Perch4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938848
PT100SSR-886MSNSKPointer 100SSR MS Night Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938862
PT100SSR-887MSNLSKPointer 100SSR MS Natural Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938879
 PT100SSR-888GRPCPointer 100SSR Green Perch4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938886
PT100SSR-889GOSPCPointer 100SSR Gold Skin Perch4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938893
PT100SSR-890GOWEYEPointer 100SSR Golden Walleye4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938909
PT100SSR-891NSKPointer 100SSR Northern Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938916
PT100SSR-895GBLGLPointer 100SSR Ghost Bluegill4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391938954
Pointer 100SR
PT100SR-096PNMPointer 100SR Purple Nightmare4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391920966
PT100SR-097ONSDPointer 100SR Orange Night Shad4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391920973
PT100SR-126BCTGPointer 100SR Blue Chart Tiger4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391921260
PT100SR-150MSCRKPointer 100SR MS Crack4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391921505
PT100SR-151MSGMSDPointer 100SR MS Gunmetal Shad4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391921512
PT100SR-155CKBLPointer 100SR Crack Blue4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391921550
PT100SR-172SXCRSDPointer 100SR Sexy Chartreuse Shad4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391921727
PT100SR-207APNMPointer 100SR Aurora Purple Nightmare4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391922076
PT100SR-238GMNPointer 100SR Ghost Minnow4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391922380
PT100SR-245NCTGPointer 100SR Mat Tiger4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391922458
PT100SR-247MSBKPointer 100SR MS Black4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391922472
PT100SR-254MSMJHRGPointer 100SR MS MJ Herring4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391922540
PT100SR-256AGOPointer 100SR Aurora Gold4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391922564
PT100SR-276LRBTPointer 100SR Laser Rainbow Trout4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391922762
PT100SR-342PRSDPointer 100SR Parrot Shad4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391923424
PT100SR-343CYPCPointer 100SR Cream Yellow Perch4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391923431
PT100SR-344FBHRPointer 100SR Flash Blue Herring4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391923448
PT100SR-800WEYEPointer 100SR Walleye4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928009
PT100SR-806TGPCPointer 100SR Tiger Perch4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928061
PT100SR-808SHNRPointer 100SR Shiner4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928085
PT100SR-817GRBTPointer 100SR Ghost Rainbow Trout4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928177
PT100SR-859NWEYEPointer 100SR Northern Walleye4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928597
PT100SR-861OGTGPointer 100SR Orange Tiger4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928610
PT100SR-862OGSKPointer 100SR Orange Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928627
PT100SR-868OGFPointer 100SR Orange Fire4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928689
PT100SR-869GOSKNPointer 100SR Gold Skin4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928696
PT100SR-870SPOGPointer 100SR Spotted Orange4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928702
PT100SR-881GNPKPointer 100SR Ghost Northern Pike4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928818
PT100SR-882GOSKPointer 100SR Golden Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928825
PT100SR-883OSKPointer 100SR Original Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928832
PT100SR-884AGNPCPointer 100SR Aurora Gold Northern Perch4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928849
PT100SR-886MSNSKPointer 100SR MS Night Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928863
PT100SR-887MSNLSKPointer 100SR MS Natural Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928870
PT100SR-888GRPCPointer 100SR Green Perch4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928887
PT100SR-889GOSPCPointer 100SR Gold Skin Perch4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928894
PT100SR-890GOWEYEPointer 100SR Golden Walleye4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928900
PT100SR-891NSKPointer 100SR Northern Sucker4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928917
PT100SR-895GBLGLPointer 100SR Ghost Bluegill4” (100mm) 5/8oz (18.0g)885391928955
Pointer 128SSR
 PT128SSR-096PNMPointer 128SSR Purple Nightmare5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391950963
PT128SSR-097ONSDPointer 128SSR Orange Night Shad5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391950970
PT128SSR-126BCTGPointer 128SSR Blue Chart Tiger5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391951267
PT128SSR-150MSCRKPointer 128SSR MS Crack5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391951502
PT128SSR-151MSGMSDPointer 128SSR MS Gunmetal Shad5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391951519
PT128SSR-155CKBLPointer 128SSR Crack Blue5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391951557
PT128SSR-172SXCRSDPointer 128SSR Sexy Chartreuse Shad5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391951724
 PT128SSR-207APNMPointer 128SSR Aurora Purple Nightmare5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391952073
PT128SSR-238GMNPointer 128SSR Ghost Minnow5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391952387
PT128SSR-245NCTGPointer 128SSR Mat Tiger5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391952455
PT128SSR-247MSBKPointer 128SSR MS Black5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391952479
PT128SSR-254MSMJHRGPointer 128SSR MS MJ Herring5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391952547
PT128SSR-256AGOPointer 128SSR Aurora Gold5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391952561
PT128SSR-276LRBTPointer 128SSR Laser Rainbow Trout5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391952769
PT128SSR-342PRSDPointer 128SSR Parrot Shad5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391953421
PT128SSR-343CYPCPointer 128SSR Cream Yellow Perch5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391953438
PT128SSR-344FBHRPointer 128SSR Flash Blue Herring5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391953445
PT128SSR-800WEYEPointer 128SSR Walleye5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958006
PT128SSR-806TGPCPointer 128SSR Tiger Perch5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958068
PT128SSR-808SHNRPointer 128SSR Shiner5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958082
PT128SSR-817GRBTPointer 128SSR Ghost Rainbow Trout5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958174
 PT128SSR-859NWEYEPointer 128SSR Northern Walleye5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958594
PT128SSR-861OGTGPointer 128SSR Orange Tiger5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958617
PT128SSR-862OGSKPointer 128SSR Orange Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958624
 PT128SSR-868OGFPointer 128SSR Orange Fire5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958686
 PT128SSR-869GOSKNPointer 128SSR Gold Skin5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958693
PT128SSR-870SPOGPointer 128SSR Spotted Orange5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958709
PT128SSR-881GNPKPointer 128SSR Ghost Northern Pike5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958815
PT128SSR-882GOSKPointer 128SSR Golden Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958822
PT128SSR-883OSKPointer 128SSR Original Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958839
PT128SSR-884AGNPCPointer 128SSR Aurora Gold Northern Perch5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958846
 PT128SSR-886MSNSKPointer 128SSR MS Night Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958860
 PT128SSR-887MSNLSKPointer 128SSR MS Natural Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958877
PT128SSR-888GRPCPointer 128SSR Green Perch5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958884
PT128SSR-889GOSPCPointer 128SSR Gold Skin Perch5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958891
PT128SSR-890GOWEYEPointer 128SSR Golden Walleye5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958907
PT128SSR-891NSKPointer 128SSR Northern Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958914
PT128SSR-895GBLGLPointer 128SSR Ghost Bluegill5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391958952
Pointer 128SR
 PT128SR-096PNMPointer 128SR Purple Nightmare5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391940964
PT128SR-097ONSDPointer 128SR Orange Night Shad5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391940971
PT128SR-126BCTGPointer 128SR Blue Chart Tiger5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391941268
PT128SR-150MSCRKPointer 128SR MS Crack5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391941503
PT128SR-151MSGMSDPointer 128SR MS Gunmetal Shad5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391941510
PT128SR-155CKBLPointer 128SR Crack Blue5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391941558
PT128SR-172SXCRSDPointer 128SR Sexy Chartreuse Shad5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391941725
 PT128SR-207APNMPointer 128SR Aurora Purple Nightmare5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391942074
PT128SR-238GMNPointer 128SR Ghost Minnow5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391942388
PT128SR-245NCTGPointer 128SR Mat Tiger5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391942456
PT128SR-247MSBKPointer 128SR MS Black5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391942470
PT128SR-254MSMJHRGPointer 128SR MS MJ Herring5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391942548
PT128SR-256AGOPointer 128SR Aurora Gold5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391942562
PT128SR-276LRBTPointer 128SR Laser Rainbow Trout5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391942760
PT128SR-342PRSDPointer 128SR Parrot Shad5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391943422
PT128SR-343CYPCPointer 128SR Cream Yellow Perch5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391943439
PT128SR-344FBHRPointer 128SR Flash Blue Herring5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391943446
PT128SR-800WEYEPointer 128SR Walleye5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948007
PT128SR-806TGPCPointer 128SR Tiger Perch5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948069
PT128SR-808SHNRPointer 128SR Shiner5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948083
PT128SR-817GRBTPointer 128SR Ghost Rainbow Trout5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948175
 PT128SR-859NWEYEPointer 128SR Northern Walleye5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948595
PT128SR-861OGTGPointer 128SR Orange Tiger5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948618
PT128SR-862OGSKPointer 128SR Orange Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948625
 PT128SR-868OGFPointer 128SR Orange Fire5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948687
 PT128SR-869GOSKNPointer 128SR Gold Skin5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948694
PT128SR-870SPOGPointer 128SR Spotted Orange5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948700
PT128SR-881GNPKPointer 128SR Ghost Northern Pike5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948816
PT128SR-882GOSKPointer 128SR Golden Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948823
PT128SR-883OSKPointer 128SR Original Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948830
PT128SR-884AGNPCPointer 128SR Aurora Gold Northern Perch5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948847
PT128SR-886MSNSKPointer 128SR MS Night Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948861
PT128SR-887MSNLSKPointer 128SR MS Natural Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948878
PT128SR-888GRPCPointer 128SR Green Perch5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948885
PT128SR-889GOSPCPointer 128SR Gold Skin Perch5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948892
PT128SR-890GOWEYEPointer 128SR Golden Walleye5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948908
PT128SR-891NSKPointer 128SR Northern Sucker5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948915
PT128SR-895GBLGLPointer 128SR Ghost Bluegill5” (128mm) 1oz (28.0g)885391948953
Pointer 140
 PT140-096PNMPointer 140 Purple Nightmare5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391750969
 PT140-097ONSDPointer 140 Orange Night Shad5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391750976
 PT140-126BCTGPointer 140 Blue Chart Tiger5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391751263
 PT140-150MSCRKPointer 140 MS Crack5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391751508
 PT140-151MSGMSDPointer 140 MS Gunmetal Shad5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391751515
 PT140-155CKBLPointer 140 Crack Blue5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391751553
 PT140-172SXCRSDPointer 140 Sexy Chartreuse Shad5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391751720
 PT140-207APNMPointer 140 Aurora Purple Nightmare5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391752079
PT140-238GMNPointer 140 Ghost Minnow5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391752383
 PT140-245NCTGPointer 140 Mat Tiger5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391752451
 PT140-247MSBKPointer 140 MS Black5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391752475
 PT140-254MSMJHRGPointer 140 MS MJ Herring5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391752543
 PT140-256AGOPointer 140 Aurora Gold5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391752567
 PT140-276LRBTPointer 140 Laser Rainbow Trout5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391752765
 PT140-342PRSDPointer 140 Parrot Shad5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391753427
 PT140-343CYPCPointer 140 Cream Yellow Perch5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391753434
 PT140-344FBHRPointer 140 Flash Blue Herring5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391753441
 PT140-800WEYEPointer 140 Walleye5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758002
 PT140-806TGPCPointer 140 Tiger Perch5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758064
 PT140-808SHNRPointer 140 Shiner5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758088
 PT140-817GRBTPointer 140 Ghost Rainbow Trout5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758170
 PT140-859NWEYEPointer 140 Northern Walleye5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758590
 PT140-861OGTGPointer 140 Orange Tiger5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758613
 PT140-862OGSKPointer 140 Orange Sucker5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758620
 PT140-868OGFPointer 140 Orange Fire5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758682
 PT140-869GOSKNPointer 140 Gold Skin5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758699
 PT140-870SPOGPointer 140 Spotted Orange5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758705
PT140-881GNPKPointer 140 Ghost Northern Pike5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758811
 PT140-882GOSKPointer 140 Golden Sucker5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758828
 PT140-883OSKPointer 140 Original Sucker5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758835
PT140-884AGNPCPointer 140 Aurora Gold Northern Perch5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758842
 PT140-886MSNSKPointer 140 MS Night Sucker5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758866
 PT140-887MSNLSKPointer 140 MS Natural Sucker5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758873
 PT140-888GRPCPointer 140 Green Perch5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758880
 PT140-889GOSPCPointer 140 Gold Skin Perch5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758897
 PT140-890GOWEYEPointer 140 Golden Walleye5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758903
 PT140-891NSKPointer 140 Northern Sucker5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758910
 PT140-895GBLGLPointer 140 Ghost Bluegill5 1/2” (140mm) 1-1/8oz (32.5g)885391758958